Living Contradiction

By Lillian E. M. Garza

A contradiction is the blood in my veins

A contradiction are all of my names

Complicated is my family tree

A contradiction is what defines me

English, French, Italian, Jew

Spanish, Scottish, and Native too

My family helped this country grow

They fought on both sides of the Alamo

Culture against culture, tribe against tribe

Shards of each one are now living inside

History of many wars lives in my blood

All of them reconciled through the bonds of love

Now a mutt is my official definition

Generations created this contradiction

To divide is the goal of society

Trying to separate what lives inside me

But I am no fool, I know my worth

I am a child of Mother Earth

Division does not exist in her eyes

To her, all are one, Land, Ocean, and Skies

So, though white, brown, and red are my description

Your separation is the True Contradiction

Welcome to everyone!

I am so excited to share my art with you all. I have endless stories to tell, stacked within my psyche. I don’t know half of the things that I will share with all of you over the coming years. They invent themselves as I have more experiences, meet more people, and learn more about our amazing universe. I am a self-taught student of history, science, mythology, theology, and much more. My brain is similar to a sponge, constantly soaking up anything and everything, before squeezing it all back out in a new, reimagined form.

I will soon have something for everyone on this website. I have a number of different blogs attached to the numerous projects going on in my life, and interests floating around in my head. I urge you to explore and see if anything interests you. All of that aside, this site will predominantly be here to promote my book series’, and allow me to interact with my fanbase. In addition, I will be working through it to begin building a merchandising company whose focus is to sell environmentally positive products. I wish to use my art to better the world and save what little I can.

I am currently working on the trilogy Paraíso, which is an introduction to my fictional universe, Stâtéra. I have so many plans for this universe, and many different book series’ to weave together into a single, epic, tapestry. I am eager to witness it as it grows beyond my imagination, and into the webbed realm of fandom. I look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing what will grow from this seed that I have planted.

Here’s to the future!

-Lillian E. M. Garza

© Lillian E. M. Garza