“Finding Paraíso” Now Available!

Finding Paraíso is now available for purchase on Amazon.com! A book trailer is currently in production, and its release date is to be announced. The writing of this story has been quite a journey for me, and yet I feel sure that it is barely the beginning of my own story. The characters have captivated me and brought a richness to my world that I feel sure it’d been lacking. The world of Aêvum, and all of the subsequent worlds attached to it have been building in my mind for over fifteen years, but the creation of the story of Finding Paraíso and the characters that bring it to life was what I feel made the world itself finally begin to truly come alive.

I am in the thick of a learning period. Discovering how to edit together footage, build websites, mix music, sell stories, and start companies. Writing itself is easy for me, almost as easy as breathing. The stories flow through my mind, day and night, but the structures with which I need to share those stories are incredibly complex and difficult to navigate. It’s a wonder that I have managed to figure any of it out, but such is life. Endless learning on the go, as you balance work with family, and self. I know that this story is something powerful, and as it grows in popularity, I am excited to witness the feedback and discussions that will stem from it. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

-Lillian E. M. Garza

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