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A world where our mythology and history collide. Aêvum is a place of magic, fantasy, and mystery, full of countless places and beings of ancient lore. As this saga grows, I will be adding maps, artworks, histories, and character analysis’ for all of my fans to delve into.

To begin, Aêvum is far older than Earth. Its many civilizations have risen and fallen numerous times. Interspersed with ages of prosperity and peace were many wars between the innumerable races of peoples and magical beings. The peak of civilization on Aêvum occurred over 10,000 years ago, and it has since descended into fractured chaos, its peoples struggling to reconcile centuries of violence, slavery, and bigotry. Each race has their own prejudice and their own dubiety to bear.

Yet, even with all of this, Aêvum is a planet of beauty, magic, and mystery, steeped in the ancient powers of the universe. It hides the origins of some of the oldest truths, connections to the most beautiful light, and the most horrifying darkness.

Aêvum is a well of secrets waiting to be discovered.

© Lillian E. M. Garza