Stâtéra is the name of the universe that my stories take place in. The stories in Paraíso, Aêvum, and Gaía all exist in the Stâtéra Universe. I see it as a universe parallel to ours, and extremely similar. Picture, if you will, a universe where the laws of spacetime are ever so slightly more malleable. Trees roots can feel the great fabric, as they grow older, and open portals by seeding themselves into other micro compatible worlds. Large deposits of metals, crystals, or gems can make some areas fuzzy, blurring the edges between our world, and another with the same concentrations of minerals.

Powers shift, as life spreads through these portals over eons. Evolving, building symbiosis, then forgetting or losing their connections, and a galactic community is suddenly shattered. Memories reflect forwards, stories echoing through generations, but the truth fades, leaving the shadow of myth.

Now, these portals have recovered, curiosity and knowledge having led the sentient life back to the connections they have forgotten. Their memories of myth still echoing in their minds, leading them along perilous adventures through Light and Void.

Stâtéra greets you.

-Lillian E. M. Garza

© Lillian E. M. Garza